could i have been, anyone other than me? (sbearcat83) wrote,
could i have been, anyone other than me?

was posting this.....

someone asked for some new songs that people enjoyed, and well... i made a list of 25 new (or new to me songs...........)

ive been in an extremely odd musical mood of late.... here is my top 20-25 (no particular order)

1 muse - stockholm syndrome

2 muse - sing for absolution

3 muse - supermassive blackhole

4 stonesour - through glass

5 matisyahu - youth

6 tool - rosetta stone or anything else from the 10,000 days album

7 breaking benjamin - diary of jane

8 blue october - hate me

9 chiodos - the words best friend become redefined

10 buckcherry - crazy bitch

11 arctic monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor

12 30 seconds to mars - the kill (bury me)

13 3 days grace - animal that ive become

14 red hot chili peppers - dani california

15 pearl jam - life wasted

16 pearl jam - do the evolution (songs like 7 years old, but i still dig the hell outta it... mainly because the music video for it was done by todd mcfarlane (creator of spawn))

17 taking back sunday - make damn sure

18 AFI - miss murder

19 panic! at the disco - the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage

20 Animal Liberation Orchestra - Girl, i wanna lay you down (featuring jack johnson) i seen them in concert with DMB.. just a goofy song

21 Dave Matthews Band - Break free or Idea Of You or PIG or Dancing nancies (some newbies and oldies)

22 avenged sevenfold - beast and the harlot (not too fond of the band, but i enjoy the drummer on this one)

23 cradle of filth - anything from the nymphetamine album

24 gnarls barkely - crazy (catchy tune)

25 icp - anything from the hells pit album
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