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local HS game

On this first day of practice (lots of calisthenics, little contact, except with the tackling dummies), two teams began with a red-letter date on their calendars that will, for local fans, be a milestone.

When Corcoran, vastly improved in 2005, pays a visit to Alibrandi Stadium to meet Christian Brothers Academy on the night of Sept. 22 at 8 p.m., a lot of eyes will be on them, courtesy of ESPNU.

That’s right, folks. The Worldwide Leader’s college conduit has decided to pay a visit, the first time they’ve ever come to any game in New York State.

Mike Paulus and Jovan Miller are the main draws, of course, but any player in this game will have the chance to impress a big audience. Granted, ESPNU is mostly a satellite channel, but it’s still a massive spotlight.

And to those who are wondering, yes, the lights will be back up at Alibrandi shortly. Remember, they were taken down from their concrete foundations during the spring after they started to sway in the wind.

Credit CBA for resisting the temptation to move this game to a larger facility. They wanted to keep Homecoming on campus, and besides, ESPNU needs to see a real, genuine high school setting, not those “football factory” settings they likely visit in places like Florida, Ohio and California.

Not so long ago, I did comment, in this space, that it’s dangerous to give young athletes too much TV exposure at such a young age, and admitted that one or two local telecasts a year was just fine.

Of course, this is a far different beast. For most of the players in the CBA-Corcoran game, this will be the biggest showcase they ever have. Hopefully, they won’t be nervous and will have fun with this unique opportunity.

On a related note, it's good to see that CBA alum Mackenzie Matthews is back at Pitt. He had left the Panthers a few days earlier, a case of homesickness.

For football players, the transition to college is more abrupt than it is in other sports. Hockey players, baseball players, basketball players - they travel all the time in their youth. That's not the case as much in football. Thus, the first long period away from home can be a jolt. Hopefully, Matthews has gone through his rough spot and will shine with the Panthers.
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